Acris crepitans crepitans
Eastern Cricket Frog

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Other Names: Northern Cricket Frog
Description: Small frog with long snout. Short hind legs with webbed toes. Dark bars on hind limbs. Characteristic backward-pointing pigmented triangle on top of head. Acris crepitans grows to 1.25-3.5 cm (0.5-1.5 in) in length.
Habitat: Acris crepitans prefers shallow ponds with vegetation and full sun or shallow gravel-lined creeks.
Behavior: Acris crepitans is diurnal and active all year. This species can be seen basking in the sunlight, but when threatened, it will jump quickly away or into the water.
Reproduction: Breeding in Acris crepitans occurs over an extended period, lasting from February through late summer.
Diet: Eats a wide variety of small terrestrial invertebrates captured near the water's edge.