Anaxyrus Speciosus
Texas Toad

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Description: Round body, covered with small warts. Two black tubercles on hind feet; inner tubercle sickle-shaped. Cranial crests indistinct and widely separated, or absent. Gray marked with brown or yellow-green spots. Middorsal stripe absent. Oval parotoid glands. As an adult, Anaxyrus speciosus can grow to 5-8.5 cm (2-3.5 in) in length.
Similar Species: Red-spotted Toads have round paratoid glands and a more flattened body; The Woodhouse's Toad has prominent cranial crests and usually a distinct middorsal stripe; the Arizona Toad has a pale bar across the eyes and lacks the sickle-shaped tubercles found in the Texas Toad.
Habitat: Can be found in a wide variety of habitats: grasslands and open woodlands, mesquite-savanna associations, and areas with sandy soil.
Behavior: It is nocturnal and burrows in the loose soil.
Hibernation: Underground during cool months
Reproduction: Breeding occurs from April to September, after rains.
Diet: It feeds on insects and other invertebrates.