Plethodon neomexicanus
Jemez Mountain Salamander

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Range: Endemic to north-central New Mexico where it is only found in the Jemez Mountains in portions of Los Alamos, Sandoval and Rio Arriba counties.
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Description: Plethodon neomexicanus is unifornly dark brown above, with occasional fine gold stippling dorsally. The venter is sooty gray, being lighter on the chin and on the underside of the tail. The head may be slightly wider than the body, especially in sexually mature males. The body form is slender and elongate, with 18-20 costal grooves. There are 7.5-8.5 costal grooves between the toe tips of sdpressed limbs.
Habitat: Plethodon neomexicanus is generally found on loose rocky soils between 2200-2900 m (7217.84-9514.43'). They occur in and under rotting coniferous logs or under rocks on both flat areas and steep slopes.
Behavior: Plethodon neomexicanus spends most of its life underground; surface activity depends upon warm temperatures and favorable moisture conditions, which are necessary for cutaneous respiration.
Reproduction: Lay eggs, young hatch and look exactly like adults but smaller.
Diet: Ants, caterpillars, beetle larvae among other things.